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The Impossible Science Festival

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Have you ever wondered if invisibility was scientifically possible? Have you wanted to walk on water? Or even explore levitation? You’ll be able to do it all at the Impossible Science Festival at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center on August 22 and 23!

The Impossible Science Festival is a unique, hands-on, interactive event that lets you explore the science behind the seemingly impossible. There are five main themes to explore at the festival: invisibility, levitation, animation, transformation and super powers. Each theme incorporates demonstrations that you’ll be able to witness or attempt for yourself. In the demonstrations for invisibility, you’ll use the refractive properties of Pyrex to make objects disappear in corn oil. You can see the invisible world living in a drop of water with a homemade laser microscope, made with a laser pointer. In all, you can experience more than 20 interactive demonstration stations and visit five “make it, take it” stations where you can use your creativity and science—and bring your creation home.

"The goal of the Impossible Science Festival is to promote education through curiosity," said Jason Latimer, the Fleet’s Curator of Impossible Science. "By exploring subjects that seem impossible but showing how they can be made possible through science, visitors will have a memorable, hands-on learning experience that will blow their minds!"

Join the fun on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 22 and 23, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission includes all of the Fleet’s fun, interactive exhibits and one IMAX film of your choice (select from Humpback Whales, Journey to Space and Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean).