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Impossible Science is airing now on Comic-Con HQ

Jason Latimer, Curator of Impossible Science
The Fleet's own Curator of Impossible Science, Jason Latimer, is breaking new ground with the new Impossible Science original series on Comic-Con HQ. 
The 10-episode show debuted on September 8 and explores how breakthrough innovations in technology and science all came from ideas once thought only possible as science fiction and fantasy.
On Impossible Science, Jason first brings concepts like invisibility, levitation, and telepathy to life through mind-bending illusions performed with everyday people right here in Balboa Park. He then meets with experts at companies like Argonne National Laboratory, Google Brain, NASA Space Works, Hyperloop and others to learn about the applied sciences that makes extraordinary feats of fantasy possible in real life.
Impossible Science dares to explore the possibilities when the most curious minds seek to answer the biggest questions.
Watch the first episode on YouTube
The complete series is available on Comic-Con HQ