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Fleet 40th Anniversary Trivia #4


We’ve got a fresh batch of trivia questions about the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. These questions are sure to challenge even the most knowledgeable Fleet Genius. Have fun!

1. The human body sometimes does some disgusting things. Do you know what traveling exhibition, which visited the Fleet twice, allows people to explore “the [impolite] science of the human body”?


A. The Science of the Stinky and Gooey

B. Please Excuse My Science

C. Grossology

D. Yucky! The Science of You


2. Monarch butterflies migrate across an entire continent to arrive at a specific place that they have never been. The Fleet celebrates this amazing journey by showing what IMAX movie?

A. Monarch Butterflies: The Flight of Royalty

B. Flight of the Butterflies

C. The Most Incredible Migration

D. Destination Mexico


3. Summer is here, and Fleet summer camp continues in August! Do you know what summer camp program at the Fleet encourages young scientists to “light up [their] day and get noisy” by using green energy such as wind and solar power?

A. Energy Explorers

B. Super Heroes of Green

C. Make Some Noise!

D. Summer Science and Fun


4. The Fleet is known for making science fun and accessible to kids. However, we also love to bring the excitement of science to adults. What lecture series focuses on the moral principles of science?

A. Moral Duality: How Scientist Struggle With Ethics

B. The Socially Conscious Scientist

C. Consider the Facts

D. Exploring Ethics


5. Einstein had two passions, physics and playing violin. In keeping with the tradition of science and art, the Fleet invited students to present short films that featured their music in our Dome Theater. What school participated in this event?

A. University of San Diego

B. Harvard University

C. San Diego State University

D. University of California, San Diego



1. C

2. B

3. A

4. D

5. C

How’d you do? If you got all the answers right, then we send you our deepest congratulations. If you didn’t do so well, then we invite you to visit us and attend some of our amazing events to learn more about the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.


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