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Fleet 40th Anniversary Trivia #3

trivia challenge


Are you ready for another round of Reuben H. Fleet Science Center trivia? These next questions are sure to challenge your knowledge about the Fleet.


1. We began our building expansion program in 1998 to increase exhibition space and reduce energy and water consumption. In what year did the Fleet receive LEED Silver Certification for Existing Buildings?

A. 2000

B. 2008

C. 2010

D. 2012


2. The reopening of our Heikoff Giant Dome Theater in February 2012 was celebrated by screening the digital planetarium show Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity. Do you know which Tony-nominated actor narrated the digital planetarium show?

A. Christopher Plummer

B. Liam Neeson

C. Sanaa Lathan

D. Christiane Noll


3. What permanent exhibition at the Fleet has hosted activities such as constructing mechanical toys from recycled materials and creating “digital bling” using colorful LED lights?

A. Exploration Bar

B. Kid City

C. Origins in Space

D. Tinkering Studio


4. The Fleet has 10,000 square feet of solar panels on its roof! These solar panels are owned and operated by San Diego Gas & Electric to add “green” electricity to San Diego’s power grid. Do you know how much electricity can be generated by the solar panels at peak production?

A. 100 kilowatts of electricity

B. 2010 kilowatts of electricity

C. 40 kilowatts of electricity

D. 500 kilowatts of electricity


5. The Fleet’s Heikoff Giant Dome Theater is known for showing amazing IMAX movies and planetarium shows. We also host a live planetarium show each month, presented by a local astronomer. Name the monthly planetarium show.

A. Stars Above

B. Planets, Stars, and Our Galaxy

C. Things That Go Bling in the Night

D. The Sky Tonight


How did you do this time? If you got all the answers right, call a friend and celebrate by watching an IMAX movie here at the Fleet. Don’t worry if you missed one or more. Come to the Fleet and visit us; we’re always happy to answer your questions.

Answer: 1. C, 2. B, 3. D, 4. A, 5. D