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Connect With NASA

Space: by NASA

There are a ton of ways you can connect with NASA—from taking spacey selfies to helping scientists search for black holes—and all you need to get started is an Internet connection!  

Not really into selfies? You’ll definitely start snapping breathtaking selfies by using the Spacecraft 3D augmented reality app! Select the target image and take your photo with the spacecraft of your choice.

You can also control a telescope and take photos remotely using the Micro Observatory Robotic Telescope Network.

Do you want to see the International Space Station in real life? Know when and where to look to see the ISS fly overhead—you can even sign up for text message updates!

Go beyond printing on paper. Start 3D Printing with NASA models, textures and image files, ready for download and printing. (The Fleet offers 3D printing workshops where you can put those to use!)

Keep an eye on our solar system, and beyond! Use real-time mission data with the “Eyes” programs. They’re the best way to see what is happening in space right now—and rewind or speed up time!

Make friends with a spacecraft and keep up to date on Curiosity’s Martian road trip, New Horizon’s Pluto sightseeing or Juno’s trek to Jupiter with social media.

You can even help NASA Scientists! Multiple NASA projects depend on volunteers who study visual data for patterns and surprises—tasks computers can’t do. Just a few minutes of training is enough to contribute to the search for black holes, exoplanets, asteroids and comets or help study solar weather or Martian terrain.

And, if you want a real life, face-to-face connection with NASA, you can find a NASA facility near you!