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Celebrate Global Day of the Engineer With the Fleet!

By: Ashley Meader

On April 5, join us in the celebration of DiscoverE’s Global Day of the Engineer!

Engineering is a truly amazing field that impacts each of us in our daily lives. From the vehicles that transport us to the electrical circuits in our computers, almost everything we use has been designed by an engineer! At the Fleet, we provide fun opportunities for science learners of all ages to explore the world of engineering.

During our celebration of the Global Day of the Engineer, you can enjoy one or more of these engineering-related activities:

In our Tinkering Studio, try your hand at designing and building a cable-stayed bridge. You’ll employ your creativity  in designing a large model of a bridge while also considering its material, size and purpose.

At the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater, catch a showing of Dream Big, a new inspirational film that highlights the accomplishments of engineers all over the world. The movie shows some of the issues engineers must face when designing a structure and the incredible innovations they come up with to solve problems. 

Wherever you are, share the amazing innovations engineers create on social media! Take a picture and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #GlobalEngineer and #FleetScience, and tag us using @FleetScience.

At home, take a pledge to celebrate engineers, so that the contributions of local and global innovators are recognized. Click here to take the pledge!

Whether you’re an engineering enthusiast or someone who’s just curious about how things work, the Fleet has something for YOU on Global Day of the Engineer!