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A Bricking Amazing Exhibition

Starry Night, made from LEGO bricks

The Art of the Brick is a hit! This exhibition, which features artworks made by Nathan Sawaya from LEGO bricks, is thrilling visitors of all ages. 

A recent visitor says, "From replicas of famous paintings to T-rex skeletons, prepare your entire family to be awestruck. ... The Fleet’s gallery employees are experts who can point out cool details such as the fact that most pieces took Sawaya about two weeks to make." Read her full review here

Another reviewer wrote, "Sawaya's exhibit The Art of the Brick is currently on display at the Fleet Science Center in San Diego, and his spellbinding masterpieces, all comprised solely of LEGO bricks, are a sight to behold. ... Any kid who has tried to painstakingly piece together one of the larger LEGO sets to create the intended result will be in awe of the time and dedication it takes to build these works comprised of thousands upon thousands of bricks. The experience was one we’ll always remember." Read more here.

Come see it for yourself! The Art of the Brick is open daily at 10 a.m. through January 29, 2017.


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