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FEBRUARY 2014 Schedule for IMAX® Films and Planetarium Shows in the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater

New IMAX film Journey to the South Pacific Opens February 14

February 10, 2014

January 24, 2014


Visit our Admission page for a full Schedule of Shows and Times. 



Cosmic Collisions––a spectacular immersive theater experience, narrated by award-winning actor, director and producer Robert Redford. Featuring stunning images from space and breathtaking visualizations based on cutting-edge scientific data—revealing the unimaginable, explosive encounters that shaped our solar system, changed the course of life on Earth and continue to transform our galaxy and dynamic universe. Cosmic Collisions is playing in conjunction with the arrival of two new comets making appearances in the sky during 2013. (Ends 2/13/14)

FEBRUARY 5—The Sky Tonight: Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is easily visible in the sky this winter. Join us this month to learn about this amazing world and its family of moons. Our popular monthly live planetarium show of the San Diego sky reaches a new level of stunning full-color visuals and incredibly realistic simulations of cosmic phenomena with our new state-of-the-art digital projection system. A professional astronomer leads backyard stargazers through the universe. The San Diego County Astronomy Association provides free telescope viewing outdoors on the Prado in Balboa Park, weather and operational requirements permitting. 7PM and 8:15PM



Journey to the South Pacific. Set sail on a breathtaking IMAX® adventure to the lush tropical islands of remote West Papua, where life flourishes above and below the sea. Join Jawi, a young island boy, as he leads a journey of discovery to this magical place. Home to more than 2,000 species of sea life, this exotic locale features the most diverse marine ecosystem on Earth, including enormous whale sharks, sea turtles and manta rays. An uplifting story of hope and celebration, Journey to the South Pacific highlights the importance of living in balance with the ocean planet we all call home. Narrated by Academy Award® winner Cate Blanchett.

Coral Reef Adventure. Filmed by Del Mar residents Howard and Michele Hall, this 2003 underwater IMAX adventure lets you soar over the volcanic peaks of Tahiti, dive 350 feet to explore deep corals off the shore of Fiji and swim among hundreds of sharks in the canyons of the Rangiroa atoll in this spectacular IMAX adventure. (Ends 2/13/14)

Hubble. Through the power of IMAX®, Hubble enables movie-goers to journey through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mysteries of our celestial surroundings, and accompany space-walking astronauts as they attempt the most difficult and important tasks in NASA’s history. The film, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, offers an inspiring and unique look into the Hubble Space Telescope’s legacy and highlights its profound impact on the way we view the universe and ourselves.

Mysteries of the Unseen World—West Coast Premiere. A new giant screen film adventure takes audiences on an extraordinary journey into unseen worlds and hidden dimensions beyond our normal vision to uncover the mysteries of things too fast, too slow, too small to be seen or simply invisible. The film's innovative use of high-speed and time-lapse photography, electron microscopy and nanotechnology result in larger-than-life images that are stunning to see on the 76-foot Heikoff Giant Dome Theater screen. From the powerful thread of a spider’s web to the slow-motion shatter and splatter of a dropped pitcher of milk, Mysteries of the Unseen World invites you to look at the world in a whole new way. Mysteries of the Unseen World is an original production by National Geographic Entertainment and Days End Pictures, narrated by Forest Whitaker. Created by an award-winning veteran film team, the new 40-minute large format experience is produced by Jini Dürr (Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure) and Lisa Truitt (Mysteries of Egypt), and directed by Louie Schwartzberg (Disneynature: Wings of Life). Mysteries of the Unseen World transports audiences to an enthralling secret world of nature, events and breathtaking phenomena not visible to the naked eye.

Encore Presentation! Rolling Stones at the Max features the band performing during their highly-acclaimed Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle tour. The Stones’ electrifying performance includes classics like “Satisfaction” and “Brown Sugar,” as well as “Rock & A Hard Place” and “Start Me Up.” Recorded in Europe and shot on location in Turin, Berlin and London, Rolling Stones at the Max sees the band making history once again. This stunning concert loses none of its power or clarity in the IMAX format and features some of the band’s greatest hits from the preceding three decades. This is a 90-minute film that will be shown with a 15-minute intermission.  (Screening on Saturdays only during February)


FEBRUARY 3––Senior Monday: Alaska: Spirit of the Wild. Explore the harsh conditions, unique majesty and unequaled beauty of the 49th state in this 1997 IMAX film.  

Following the film, stay for a lecture by Phil Pressel titled, “Spy in the Sky: The KH-9 Hexagon.” The United States’ KH-9 Hexagon was arguably the most complicated film-based reconnaissance satellite ever put into orbit. Nearly a quarter-century after its final launch, the U.S. government has declassified the mission. Hexagon camera-designer Phil Pressel shares the no-longer top-secret details. Pressel retired after 30 years with the Perkin-Elmer Corporation. He was the project engineer in charge of the Hexagon camera’s design and was also involved with the design of other classified optical instruments for the government.

The first Monday of the month, seniors 65+ enjoy the Science Center exhibits, a lecture and a Heikoff Giant Dome Theater show at a discount! Doors open at 9:30AM; lecture begins at 10:30AM, with film at 12noon; Seniors $8, Adults $17.

February 16—IMAX® en Español Hubble. Esta pelicúla ofrece imágenes impresionantes de galaxias distantes, nacimiento de las estrellas y planetas, e la ultima misión de NASA para darle mantenimiento a uno de los observatorios mas importantes de la historia. IMAX en Español te da la oportunidad para ti y toda la familia de disfrutar películas en Español, también contamos con audífonos sin costo adicional para quienes deseen escuchar el audio en Español de las películas que se presentan con el audio original en Ingles. Varias de nuestras exhibiciones tienen textos y explicaciones en Español. Domingo, 4PM. Precios (una película y entrada a las galerías): Adultos $17, Mayores $15, Niños $14.

February 16—IMAX® en Español: Hubble. This film offers stunning imagery of distant galaxies, the birth of stars and planets, plus NASA's last mission to service one of history's most important observatories. IMAX en Español is an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy IMAX films in Spanish. Additionally, headsets are available free of charge for audiences to listen to available Spanish soundtracks when films with English soundtracks play. Many of our exhibits feature bilingual explanatory text. Sunday, 4PM. Giant Dome Theater Admission (1 film + access to all eight exhibit galleries): Adults $17, Seniors $15, Children $14. Members save 30%.



Monday–Thursday:             10AM–5PM
First Wednesday of month:  10AM–8PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday:    10AM–6PM


GALLERY ADMISSION (access to all eight exhibit galleries):

Members free; nonmembers: Adults $13, Seniors $12, Children $11


GIANT DOME THEATER ADMISSION (1 film or 1 planetarium show + access to all eight exhibit galleries):

Nonmembers: Adults $17, Seniors $15, Children $14

Members: 30% off.


The Sky Tonight” Live Planetarium Show ADMISSION

Members: Adults $12, Seniors $11, Children $10

Nonmembers: Adults $14, Seniors $13, Children $12

Senior Monday ADMISSION: $8 for seniors 65+


Phone: (619) 238-1233

Address: 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

Full Schedule of Shows and Times.


IMAX® Films & Planetarium Shows in the Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater.

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is home to Southern California’s only Giant Dome Theater, which reopened in 2012 after extensive renovations as the Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater. Our theater is extraordinary in many ways.

•  It is the world’s first IMAX Dome Theater.
•  It features the world’s first NanoSeamTM Dome screen in an IMAX theater.
•  It offers two unique experiences in one space: IMAX films and planetarium shows.

The Heikoff Giant Dome Theater boasts a 76-foot tilted Dome screen and a 16,000-watt digital surround sound system, providing a stunning visual and audio experience.


What Is a Dome Theater?

Our Giant Dome Theater has a gigantic, curved screen that wraps the entire theater. This hemispherical screen offers an immersive viewing experience, enhancing the feeling of motion and giving you the sensation that you’re in the show.

What Is IMAX?

IMAX is the world’s largest film format, yielding incredible clarity and spectacular images. IMAX films are projected by special projectors that weigh as much as a small car and enable the incredible film images to be projected with brightness and clarity on the huge Dome screen.

What Are Planetarium Shows?

The Heikoff Giant Dome Theater boasts a state-of-the-art digital SkyScan projection system. The Fleet uses this system to project planetarium shows that allow audiences to journey to the outer reaches of space from the comfort of their theater seats. We show pre-produced planetarium programs (some of which are created by our own stellar in-house team!) as well as The Sky Tonight, which is a monthly live, astronomer-led planetarium show.


The Fleet offers two options for hearing-impaired guests: closed-captions and assistive listening devices.

Our closed-captioning system is an enhancement of the Rear Window system. When you purchase your ticket, tell the guest services associate that you would like to use the closed-caption service. The service is complimentary, and it is accessible in the upper-right seating area of the theater.

Assistive listening devices increase the intelligibility of theater presentations by enhancing the narration and dialogue and lowering music and sound effects. Ask for a complimentary headset at the Ticket Counter.

What’s Showing?

The Fleet opens several IMAX films and planetarium shows each year. Films and shows screen on the hour. The Sky Tonight is held on the first Wednesday of each month. For the latest show information and to purchase tickets online, visit our admission page.

IMAX en Español films now begin at 4PM on the third Sunday of each month. In addition to providing an opportunity to enjoy IMAX films in Spanish, the time change will allow our visitors more time to enjoy the Fleet’s exhibit galleries, which feature more than 100 hands-on exhibits for all ages. Many of our exhibits feature bilingual explanatory text.  Additionally, headsets are always available free of charge for audiences to listen to available Spanish soundtracks when films with English soundtracks play in the normal daily schedule.


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Celebrate the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s 40th Anniversary Year!

Forty years ago, a spark ignited our imaginations!  March 9, 2013, kicked off a year-long celebration of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and its 40 years of success in bringing hands-on science to our San Diego community. Forty years ago, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center opened its doors and brought interactive exhibits and the world’s first IMAX® Dome Theater to San Diego. Today, the Fleet inspires minds and connects individuals to science and technology through more than 100 “do touch” exhibits for all ages and amazing IMAX films and planetarium shows in the recently renovated Heikoff Giant Dome Theater. Enjoy our year-long celebration, featuring a blockbuster exhibition, incredible events and dynamic educational experiences.


About the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center (“the Fleet”) is home to Southern California’s only Giant Dome Theater and 100+ hands-on science exhibits for all ages. Watch immersive giant-screen films in the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater, featuring the world’s first NanoSeam™ Dome screen. The Fleet is the first Giant Dome Screen Theater in the country to share a digital planetarium with an IMAX® Dome theater, following the recent installation of a new, state-of-the-art, giant dome screen digital GSX™ system from Global Immersion, which augments the existing IMAX projector in the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater with one of the most comprehensive and powerful full-dome experiences available today. Experience eight galleries of fun, interactive exhibits, including major traveling exhibitions. A hurricane simulator thrills visitors with gusts of wind up to 80 miles per hour. Enjoy sandwiches, salads and healthy treats in Galileo’s Café. Find unique educational toys and games, books, IMAX DVDs and more in the North Star Science Store. Located at 1875 El Prado, two blocks south of the San Diego Zoo on Park Blvd, the Fleet Science Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the public understanding and enjoyment of science and technology. For information regarding current admission prices, please call (619) 238-1233 or visit our website.


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About the Fleet Science Center:

The Fleet Science Center connects people of all ages to the possibilities and power of science to create a better future. At the science center, you can explore and investigate more than 100 interactive exhibits that pique your curiosity and become immersed in an IMAX film adventure that shows the wonders of the planet--and beyond--in the Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater. For young science enthusiasts, the Fleet offers science workshops both at the Fleet and at schools throughout San Diego County. For adults, we offer events like Suds & Science and Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar™ at locations all over San Diego. We support communities by leveraging science resources to meet local needs. Teachers are encouraged to join our Teacher Partner Program and take advantage of our professional development opportunities. Additionally, at the Fleet Science Center, visitors will find unique educational toys and games, books, IMAX DVDs and more in the North Star Science Store, and pizzas, sandwiches, salads and healthy treats in our Craveology cafe. Located in Balboa Park, at 1875 El Prado, two blocks south of the San Diego Zoo on Park Blvd., the Fleet is San Diego's science center. Science starts here and opens a world of possibility. For information regarding current admission prices, visit our website at fleetscience.org.
About Balboa Park:
Located near downtown San Diego, Balboa Park is the largest urbancultural park in the United States. First established by the City of San Diego in 1868, it is also one of the oldest city parks in the nation and is the most visited single destination in San Diego. Its 1,200 acres include 17 museums, many gardens and attractions, the San Diego Zoo, miles of hiking trails, and multiple athletic complexes to explore and discover. For more information, visit balboapark.org.