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Five decades of exploration

A young hispanic girl laughs and has her arms up like a cactus. A young hispanic boy is behind her making bunny ears on her. Their shadows are multi colored.

A young boy in a red shirt with dark hair stands behind a wooden exhibit piece with many ridges. His hands are outstretched and touching the object. In the foreground two arms from two different people come in from the corners to touch the object on the front side.

A young black woman holds onto an uneven table with many silver balls on it. She is smiling and balancing the table. A white man is on the side and he is laughing with her at the object.

A young asian woman in a red suit jacket plucks a string from a wooden drum object.

Journey through the past five decades with our classic collection and vivid memories. 

Celebrate 50 years of exploration at the Fleet with Flashback. This experience lets you build a catenary arch among 1970s retro orange carpet and your mom’s Tupperware. Create Colored Shadows as you play at a 1980s mall food court. Light up our hopscotch as you jump for joy while taking a selfie like you did in the 2010s. As you go through the different rooms, every decade is a true experience of the time.   

See how the Fleet’s history aligns with the history in our San Diego community and in the world.   




This exhibition is also available en Español

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