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Digital Me

Meet Yourself in the Digital World

Get in the center of the action as you explore today’s digital world through over a dozen larger-than-life exhibits in technology, art, play and media, presented from a powerful new perspective you’ve never imagined. 
Immerse yourself in the digital world and witness the traces you leave behind. Explore how your every action and image is preserved and stored in the history of the web. Learn how you appear to others online, how your information is collected—sometimes without even noticing—and how it can affect you in the future. 
In Digital Me, you can:  
  • Explore over a dozen oversized interactives. 
  • Create social media moments with a 16-foot-long selfie and family portraits section. 
  • Navigate through a digital labyrinth. 
  • Track your online moves on giant screens. 
  • Visit a city that has learned about you through your browsing history. 
The colorful, experiential exhibition is suitable for all ages—young children can experiment with new technologies and surprising exhibits, and adults will gain a deeper understanding of the implications of our presence on the internet. 




Exhibition created by Amir Schorr, produced by Madatech: The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, and distributed by Exhibits Development Group.