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SustainABLE Festival

The SustainABLE Festival highlights the three pillars of sustainabilityhealthy people, healthy communities and healthy environmentsLearn about the efforts being made by different organizations in San Diego County to help us all create a more sustainable region. This year's theme is sustainable cities and communities, good health and well-being. All of the festival activities are free with admission to the Fleet Science Center. 


Explore sustainability with:

The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership is a nonprofit organization through which 26 full members of arts, science and cultural organizations in Balboa Park collaborate to achieve greater organizational efficiency, innovation and excellence. The Partnership’s member institutions vary in size and type and include museums, performing arts groups and theaters, cultural centers, gardens and the San Diego Zoo.


Urban Growth is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable farming. Our mission is to promote the application of hydroponics in urban environments. Urban Growth is incubating a forwarding-thinking, urban farming future with hands-on educational programs for youth, adults, and communities. 


Design and take home your very own Rubber Band Powered Car in Studio X at the Fleet Science Center.  


Explore the outdoors with: 



Take the City Nature Challenge

Get outside and prove San Diego wins at nature! The Nat is teaming up with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the California Academy of Sciences to compete against other cities worldwide to show which city has the most nature. It’s time to get outdoors, snap photos of local wildlife, then use iNaturalist to share what you find with actual scientists. The city with the most observations wins the science glory!

Participate on your own, or join a City Nature Challenge event around the county. Learn more at sdnat.org/cnc2019

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