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IMAX® Film Festival

Celebrate 48 Years of IMAX films at the Fleet

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire

Enjoy a day of cinematic wonders as the Fleet celebrates over 48 years of IMAX films with a Film Festival. Join us as we feature eight of the most popular films from our vault and say farewell to our film projector. From the depths of the ocean to the caldera of a volcano to the Serengeti Plains, each of these films will transport you to wondrous places with breathtaking cinematography that can only be experienced in an IMAX Dome Theater. 
The Fleet Science Center is home to the world’s first IMAX Dome Theater, presenting the biggest films on the planet. Since the theater opened in 1973, it has shown 114 films and over 150,000 screenings. The Fleet’s projectionists will thread the many spindles and rollers of the giant film projector for the last time on Monday, September 6! 
Celebrate a unique theater experience before it changes forever as the world’s longest-running IMAX film projector is decommissioned. The Heikoff Giant Dome Theater will be changing out of the 70mm film format and will soon be using state-of-the-art digital technology.
The IMAX Film Festival is Sunday, September 5, with a different film screening each hour from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. See below for a complete schedule. Admission to one film is included with your regular Fleet ticket, or members may use their vouchers.
Become an Adventurer Member and see them all! This level membership includes unlimited theater admission for two. 





Time Film
11 a.m. The Living Sea
Noon The Human Body
1 p.m. Grand Canyon Adventure
2 p.m. Africa: The Serengeti
3 p.m.  To The Limit
4 p.m. Ring of Fire
5 p.m. Jerusalem
6 p.m. Hubble


The Living Sea

This Academy Award-nominated film celebrates the beauty, power and importance of the ocean, filmed in locations around the world, and features the music of Sting. 

The Human Body

The Human Body reveals the incredible story of life. In astonishing detail, this large-format film presents a look at the biological processes that go on without our control and often without our notice. Throughout the film, we follow a family from dawn to dusk as they go about their daily routines. But this is no ordinary story. This is the tale of what takes place beneath the skin—a tale that allows us to see the extraordinary accomplishments of our everyday lives.  

Grand Canyon Adventure

As new scientific studies forecast water shortages in the Western U.S. and around the world, Grand Canyon Adventure explores the issues, presents real solutions and delivers an uplifting message of hope for future generations, showing how ordinary people can make a difference for our parched planet.

Africa: The Serengeti

Narrated by James Early Jones, this film takes you on an extraordinary journey to view a spectacle few humans have ever witnessed: The Great Migration. Journey with more than two million wildebeest, zebras and antelope in their annual 500-mile trek across the Serengeti Plain, a place where life-and-death dramas are played daily within the most important animal sanctuary on Earth. 

To The Limit

To the Limit, perhaps the most innovative giant screen film ever made, explores the outer limits of human performance.

Ring of Fire

This 1991 film showcases the immense natural forces of the great circle of volcanoes and seismic activity that ring the Pacific Ocean, and the varied people and cultures that coexist with them.


Jerusalem. Why has it been fought over, destroyed and rebuilt countless times over its 5,000-year history? What made it so important to so many different cultures Jerusalem attempts to answer these questions and more as it takes you on a breathtaking and visually stunning tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities.


Through the power of IMAX®Hubble enables movie-goers to journey through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mysteries of our celestial surroundings and to accompany space-walking astronauts as they attempt the most difficult and important tasks in NASA’s history.


*Please note: Seating for each screening is limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the film(s) of your choice to line up for theater admission. Schedule subject to change. 

Beginning September 7, the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater will be closed to remove the film projector and complete all upgrades. The theater will reopen on October 29, 2021 with a brand new digital projection system.