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Distance Learning Hubs

Bridging the gap between your child’s home and classroom learning experiences

The Fleet’s Distance Learning Hubs provide a safe environment where students in grades 1-6 can participate in their school day, get hands-on learning and meet new friends while schools continue operate remotely.
In the Distance Learning Hubs, our educators will:
  • Ensure students can connect with their classroom teacher and online school curriculum.
  • Engage students in science-enrichment activities with fun hands-on experiences that build enthusiasm for science.
  • Encourage collaboration with other students while following all guidelines for health and safety.
Scholarships are available for students to attend the Distance Learning Hubs at no cost. For more information, contact community@rhfleet.org
Do you need an alternate start time? Contact education@rhfleet.org to let us know how we can best support you and your student.

Creating a Safe Space

At the Fleet Science Center, we love to have hands-on experiences for all of our students in an environment that is positive, fun, and safe. To learn more about our program polices and FAQs regarding programs, please click here.

What to bring

All students will need to supply their own:  
  • Electronic device capable of connecting to their virtual learning platform 
  • Earphones (with a microphone if needed for video classes) 
  • Lunch, snacks and reusable water bottle
  • Facial covering  
  • Any general school supplies needed for your online learning 
  • Limited general classroom supplies will be available. 


Member $240 per week
Nonmember $270 per week


To register, click on one of the buttons below and fill out all of the required areas. Please note that registration closes 72 hours before the program date.


November 30 - December 4


December 7 - 11


December 14 - 18




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