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Group Volunteer Opportunities

Group Volunteering Opportunities:

As a nonprofit organization, the Fleet encourages corporations and community organizations to work with us and provide hands-on community service. These events are designed to be enjoyable and fulfilling, providing corporate volunteers with meaningful, teambuilding opportunities.

STEMonstration Day:

STEMonstration Day events need group volunteers to presents science demonstrations to museum guests. Our easy to learn and share demos provide volunteers a fulfilling day of science fun as they demonstrate cool science activities at the Fleet. We have over 50 demos available and includes activities like making a cloud in a bottle or electroplating nickel coins in copper. Volunteers get free access to the museum and friends and family can purchase specially discounted tickets on the day of the event.

Other Group Project Ideas:

  • Facilitating educational activities or workshops
  • Organizing supplies for our community programs
  • Building things for our classrooms or office spaces
  • Painting various rooms and spaces throughout the Fleet
  • Beautification or renovation projects
  • Deep cleaning our exhibits
  • Sponsoring and completing technology installations

Where projects involve additional equipment or supplies not already at the Fleet, we welcome donations towards their purchase.

Groups volunteering at the Fleet will need to provide a letter from their organization confirming that workers comp coverage is extended to volunteering with the Fleet and that all participating employees have cleared a recent background check.     

Individual Volunteering:

If you wish to encourage individual volunteering for your employees, we welcome them to apply as an individual volunteer.  

For More Information:

Please contact volunteerservices@rhfleet.org