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Great Bear Rainforest

Land of the Spirit Bear

A white bear walks along a fallen logo over a stream.

A wolf stands in profile next to a stream

A fluffy white bear stands in profile on a fallen log among a green forest background

A black bear stands on a rock in a rushing stream while a white cub stands on a fallen log that is over the stream

A black bear cub and white bear cub stand next to each other on a fallen log in a green forest. The white cub has their arm around the back of the black cub.

Discover one of the rarest animals on earth, the fabled Spirit Bear, hidden from the outside world in one of the planet’s most secluded wildernesses, in the Great Bear Rainforest. Journey to a land of grizzlies, coastal wolves, sea otters and the all-white spirit bear—the rarest bear on earth. Found on Canada’s remote Pacific coast, it is the last intact temperate rainforest in the world—a place protected by the region’s indigenous people for millennia.