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The Fleet Science Center's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Getting the ideal gift for friends and family is no easy feat, so we've created a holiday gift guide! Find something for everyone on your list right here at the Fleet, all while supporting our mission of realizing a San Diego where everyone is connected to the power of science.  
Check out the North Star Science Store at the Fleet Science Center for fun, unique (and secretly educational) gifts for all ages. The Fleet Science Center is open every day of the year, including holidays, making it the perfect place for everyone looking for the most unique gifts.  

Gifts that Last 

Fleet Science Center Membership  
Give a gift that creates memories that last forever! There is a Fleet membership level designed for every science enthusiast on your list. Individual memberships start at only $69, and most memberships include free passes to our documentary films. See all the levels and benefits available at joinfleet.org. 
Science Clubs 
Give the gift of experiences! The Science Clubs, for children ages 10-14, are filled with excitement and hands-on activities while exploring different scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, physics, robotics and more. Plus, the clubs are excellent value at only $13–15 per session. 

Gifts that Light Up 

Interactive Glow in the Dark T-Shirt 
Experience real magic with Illuminated Apparel’s Interactive Glow T-shirts. When you finish drawing with your glow torch, you will be amazed when you see what magically appears on the glow canvas. What will you magically create? Your Illuminated Apparel Glow T-shirt comes with a glowing torch included to draw on the glow canvas. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $29.99. 
Light-Up Rail Twirler 
Introduce your kids to the amazing world of Vintage toys and let them discover the magic behind the gravity-defying stunts their new rail twirler performs. Just a flick of the wrist makes the magnetic wheel magically run around the wire rails without falling off. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $9.99.
Light-Up Hyperactive Yoyo 
This lightweight 2.25" hyperactive yoyo is great for beginners who are looking to learn the art of yo-yoing. The motion sensitive light flashes upon use and stops when in place. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $9.99. 

Gifts for the Train Afficionados 

The Polar Express Train Set 
Gather family and friends during the holidays to enjoy this detailed, wood version of The Polar Express™ train. This magnetic The Polar Express train set is compatible with most 1" wooden train tracks (track not included), and is the perfect gift for all kids, ages 3 and up! Find it at the North Star Science Store for $49.99. 
Steam and Coal Train Car 
This MasterPieces Lionel Junior Original Steam Engine Set 2-car wooden toy train includes a steam engine and tender! Lionel wood trains capture all the vintage details of classic Lionel history. These trains are perfect for introducing the next generation of train lovers to timeless Lionel designs. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $19.99. 
Train Whistle 
The best stocking stuffer! Watch the smiles on your children's faces as they have fun making exciting train sounds with these Wood Train Whistles. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $1.99. 

Gifts for the Builders 

The fast-stacking, nerve-racking, block-building game! Quickly, grab a BUILDZI block and start building. Be the first to build your tower, but—careful—do not let it tumble. There is more than one way to play this block-stacking party game. BUILDZI is a stacking game with instructions for 7 different ways to play, including Together BUILDZI where you use your STEM skills to work as a team to build a tower that includes all the BUILDZI Blocks. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $29.99. 
CORI Sets  
Boost your creativity and engineering skills with the CORI maker's kit. The CORI makers kit is the perfect project to seed curiosity, improve spatial skills and sharpen problem-solving abilities. They're just as fun to build for kids as they are for adults! Find it at the North Star Science Store for $20. 
Keva Sets 
No glue or connectors are required; stack wood planks to create buildings, monuments and geometric forms. It's the ideal activity to help kids understand balance and proportion and develop an interest in architecture, construction, and design. Plus, they'll last a very long time! Kits are available in 20, 100, 200 and 400 pieces. Find them at the North Star Science Store for $19.99-$99.99.   

Gifts for the Space Enthusiasts  


Bomber Jackets  
This jacket is out-of-this-world! Not only is this jacket warm, but it's also filled with space swag. It has eight space shuttle-themed embroidered patches, including NASA, Endeavour STS 134, Discovery STS 133, Challenger STS 41G and more. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $79.99. 
Know someone inspired by NASA missions? Then our NASA and space t-shirts are the perfect gift—some even glow in the dark. Find them at the North Star Science Store for $24.99.
NASA Space Rocket 
Get ready for an out-of-this world adventure with the NASA  Space Rocket. The space rocket is fully functional with lights and sounds, two compartments and a cockpit that can be opened, and an adjustable control room and space to place the Junior Rover. This space rocket comes with two astronauts that can be placed inside the rocket, the cockpit and the Junior Rover. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $59.99. 

Gifts for Robotics Lovers 

Xtrem Bots Robbie Robot 
Your programmable robot! Robbie has 50 programmable actions, 16 robotic sounds, 20 LED facial expressions and a remote controller. Program it and set it to navigate your own made-up maze. Control it in real-time with the directional buttons. Or forget the controller and guide it by simply waving different hand gestures in front of it. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $59.99. 
Andy, The Code & Play Robot 
Learn basic programming skills while having fun with Andy, The Code & Play Robot. Andy is ready to program and play with right out of the box, you just need three AA batteries. You program the robot by pressing big, intuitive buttons on the top of its head, no app or tablet required! Find it at the North Star Science Store for $59.99. 
Mini Robot 
This mini robot toy is a recipe for major fun! It does not just exude coolness with its look, the eyes also light up and it makes robotic sounds—all at the press of a button. Find it at the North Star Science Store for $9.99. 

With all these choices and more, you're sure to find something for everyone!  


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