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Science Station Investigation

Science Station Investigation brings a sampling of a variety of hands-on science experiences for an exciting large-group program in your cafeteria, gym or multipurpose room. These highly engaging events are held at your educational facility during the school day and provide standards-based science investigations in a festival atmosphere.

What the Fleet provides for Science Station Investigation:

  • Materials for 10 interactive science investigations (for groups of 90 students or less)
  • OR: Materials for 5 interactive science investigations (for groups of 91 to 180 students)
  • Two Fleet educators to provide support throughout the event
  • 45-minute training for teachers and adult volunteers prior to the event

What your school provides for Science Station Investigation:

  • 20 or more adult volunteers to facilitate activities, in addition to at least one teacher for every 30 students
  • 10 tables, set up around the space for 10 stations
  • A large, open space, such as a cafeteria or multipurpose room


Must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance and is dependent on instructor availability. Program time is 2 hours, with an additional 45 minutes prior for volunteer training. This program is to be scheduled during school hours.

Price $750.00

Maximum of 180 students total, with no more than 90 students in the auditorium at one time. Payment must be received two weeks in advance.

A mileage fee will be charged for schools located more than 30 miles round-trip from the Fleet Science Center.

Request Your Visit

To request a program please complete a request form which can be found on the side bar of this page. Alternatively, you can contact the School Reservations Coordinator at schoolreservations@rhfleet.org.

Choose from the following themes:

Fun With Physics

(2 hours) Grades K–8

We’ll come to your school and provide the activities, the physics and the fun! If you and your class have ever wondered how a catapult launches, a roller coaster spins, a boat floats or a balloon soars, this is the investigation for you. As your students cycle through our different stations, they will learn the concepts of buoyancy, inertia, potential energy, air pressure, optical illusions and much, much more. Fun for all!

Science of Magic

(2 hours) Grades K–8

Even more magical than magic is the science behind the magic. Your students will be wowed as they make ping-pong balls float, create optical illusions, move a can with a balloon, pop the lids off bottles with gas and create polymers. What seemed like magic will be revealed as simple science concepts that can be done anywhere and anytime.

Spectacular Space

(2 hours) Grades K–8

A spectacular time will be had by all as students explore the wonders of space! Students will create craters, build rockets, calculate their weight on different worlds, make star finders and test the strength of parachutes. By the end of the day, they will be on their way to having the Right Stuff needed to explore our mysterious universe!

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