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Winter STEM Camps

Grades 1-3



Looking for exciting, fun and educational experiences this winter break? The Fleet Science Center offers full-day winter camps for kids in grades 1–3. The in-person camps take place at the Fleet Science Center and include hands-on activities while offering a positive and safe environment. 

Camp Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please view our Youth Programs Policies and FAQ for more information on reservation changes and fees. 

If you have any additional questions contact the Education Coordinator.


Members: $200 per week 

Nonmembers: $225 per week 

*Prices listed are for 4 days of camp, December 19-22 or December 27-30.

Week 1 and 2 are currently SOLD OUT, please join the waitlist 


Daily Themes Week 1 - SOLD OUT 

December 19-22

Inside Your Insides 

Investigate bones, blood, the digestive system and other amazing structures of the human body.

Magic & Illusion

Create color-changing potions, observe the fascinating nature of dry ice and learn illusion tricks that will impress your friends.

To the Extreme

Explore explosive geologic events, wild weather phenomena and other thrilling occurrences.

Maker Mania

Join the maker movement: Use electricity-conducting playdough to craft light-up sculptures and Newton’s laws of energy to create zipline racers.

Daily Themes Week 2  SOLD OUT 

December 27-30

Build It! 

What does it take to be an engineer? Design, test and retest as you build tall towers, bridges and other structures.

Physics Fun

Construct roller coasters and parachutes to discover how inertia, gravity and momentum are a part of our everyday lives.

Toys in Motion

Develop mechanical toys and learn basic programming skills to direct a small robot through an obstacle course.

Chemistry Craze 

Experiment with flubber and test pH to understand how chemistry works. 


Looking for something for younger children?

For young children ages 3-5, we offer Young Scientists workshops for you and your little scientist.


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