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Winter STEM Camps


The Fleet Science Center offers full-day camps in winter for kids in grades 1–3. The in-person camps take place at the Fleet Science Center, and are designed to include fun and educational, hands-on activities while incorporating the Fleet's exhibit galleries.

At the Fleet Science Center, we love to have engaging experiences for all of our students in an environment that is positive, fun and safe. Please view our Youth Programs Policies and FAQ for more information on reservation changes and fees. Contact us at clientservices@rhfleet.org for more information. 



Week 1 Pricing*

Members: $200

Nonmembers: $220

*Prices listed are for 4 days of camp, from December 20-23.

STEM Camps: Week 1

Expect the Unexpected

Monday, December 20

All science is methodical and predictable, right? Not in this program! Be wowed by science phenomena and how easily your senses can be tricked.

Try, Try, Try Again

Tuesday, December 21

Learn what it takes to be a scientist by testing, tweaking and retesting. Complete a variety of experiments and build a tall tower out of lightweight objects to see if you have what it takes.

Space Travelers

Wednesday, December 22

Decide what skills and equipment you would need to explore moons, planets and more in our solar system and beyond!

Collaborate or Compete

Thursday, December 23

Use teamwork to complete a blind building challenge and collaborate with your group to design a crash test helmet.


Week 2 Pricing*

Member: $250

Nonmembers: $275

*Prices listed are for 5 days of camp, from December 27-31.

STEM Camps: Week 2

So You Think You Can Fly

Monday, December 27

The ingenuity of flight is remarkable. Join us as we learn the basics of flight and look to nature and other inspiration to pioneer various our own flying devices.

Chain Reaction

Tuesday, December 28

Use natural forces and your own imagination to make something happen. Make a marble roller coaster, a Keva contraption and a Rube-Goldberg device with your class!

Toys in Motion

Wednesday, December 29

Open-ended challenges encourage curious minds! Make mechanical toys!

Maker Mania

Thursday, December 30

Join the Maker movement! Craft and tinker with everyday objects and turn them into your own incredible devices.

Science Fact or Fiction

Friday, December 31

Use the scientific processes and principles to test out myths from television and pop culture.


Looking for something for younger children?

For young children ages 3-5, we offer Young Scientists workshops for you and your little scientist.